Downtown Staten Island Announces Beginning of BID Formation Effort

The North Shore is home to iconic Staten Island attractions and institutions such as the Staten Island Yankees, the St. George Theatre and new developments, Lighthouse Point and the recently opened Empire Outlets.

Business owners along the Bay Street Corridor teamed up with the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce last month to announce a Business Improvement District (BID) formation effort for the North Shore commercial district.

“As long-time members of the Downtown Staten Island community, the Chamber is delighted to contribute to the commercial revitalization of the area,” Linda Baran, president of the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce, announced. “We know that strong commercial districts make for strong and happy neighborhoods. For several years, through our Neighborhood 360° work, we’ve been providing things like daily street sweeping, holiday lighting, tree guards and landscaping, marketing and more. Now, we’re glad to assist the community as it comes together to consider creation of a BID, to sustain and build upon these efforts.”

New York City currently has 76 BIDs throughout the five boroughs. Should the BID formation effort be completed along the Bay Street Corridor, the newly formed BID will be the fifth on Staten Island.

The proliferation of BIDs throughout NYC and internationally is a testament to their success. Most BIDs provide quality of life improvements to commercial districts through dedicated “clean and safe” street teams, beautification and marketing efforts. Many BIDs have proven to be a driver for the revitalization of a neighborhood.

The BID formation comes at an exciting time for the North Shore, which is starting to see the beginnings of an economic renaissance. The North Shore is home to iconic Staten Island attractions and institutions such as the Staten Island Yankees, the St. George Theatre and new developments such as Lighthouse Point and the recently-opened Empire Outlets.

Enabled through local legislation, BIDs foster vibrant, clean and safe neighborhoods. They deliver services and improvements above and beyond those provided by the City, which can include sidewalk sweeping and maintenance, public safety, marketing and event programming, beautification and neighborhood improvements.

The Staten Island Chamber of Commerce received grant funding in 2017 through the NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS) Neighborhood 360° program to perform BID-like services for several years. In order to maintain these vital community enhancements, the formation of a BID will allow for these services and more to be continued for the benefit of property owners, businesses and residents.

The Steering Committee overseeing the BID formation effort is comprised of neighborhood stakeholders, including Sam Angiuli, who, in partnership with his father, Gary, has been a long-time property owner, developer and supporter of local businesses in Downtown Staten Island.

“The Angiuli family’s history has been closely tied to Downtown Staten Island for generations and we remain strongly committed towards working to make the neighborhood the best it can be,” Angiuli explained. “Now, with the Chamber’s achievements and all of the other major development happening here, we’re determined to help keep the positive momentum going to benefit not only the newcomers, but all the long-time merchants and residents. That’s why we believe strongly that a Business Improvement District is the right move at the right time for our community and we’ll be working alongside our neighbors and friends to make sure it happens.”