Around the Island

Pedestrian and cycling path on Bayonne Bridge now open
The 12-foot-wide pedestrian and cycling path on the east side of
the Bayonne Bridge is now open from 6 a.m. to midnight daily.
The path spans approximately 8,400 feet from Trantor Place in Staten
Island to Kennedy Boulevard in Bayonne.
The pedestrian and cycling path is the finishing touch on the $1.3
billion “Raise the Roadway” project, which began in May of 2013,
and raises the bridge by 64 feet to height of 214 feet over the Kill Van
Raising the Bayonne Bridge along with the Harbor Deepening Project,
completed in September of 2016, deepened the Kill Van Kull by
50 feet, and will allow for larger container ships to access the terminals
at Port Newark, GCT Bayonne, and the Howland Hook Marine

Nicotra Foundation grants scholarships

On May 22, 2019, philanthropists Lois and Richard Nicotra gathered
at the COMMONS café, their Bloomfield social enterprise
eatery where 100% of the profits are awarded in grants and scholarships,
with 64 grant recipients as The Lois & Richard Nicotra Foundation
presented $45,726 in awards.

For the second year in a row, Joe Dai, President of MacKenzie Door
Company, gifted each grant recipient with a $50 American Express
Gift Card so that they can show a kindness to others. This ‘Pay It
Forward Project’ is thanks to Mr. Dai’s $8,000 gift to The Nicotra

Friends of the Lois & Richard Nicotra Foundation, Gary Skolnick
and Linda Burgos were also present, representing Americare Systems.
They generously presented the Foundation with a $5,000
check to support the Nicotra Foundation’s efforts.

Partners in Sound Productions received the “Helping Hand-burger”
Award for their support of the Nicotra Foundation. Owners
Massimo DiDonna and Michael Gregorio accepted the award and
pledged to continue to support the Nicotra Foundation.
Richard Nicotra shared, “These gifts give us a hope that philanthropy
and kindness are infectious. Now we are a conduit for more
people like Joe, Gary, Linda and Partners in Sound Production who
want to ‘Pay It Forward’,” Nicotra shared, “Their support validates
that our Foundation knows how to reach our community and they
think that we do it well. The donors are confident that what we are
doing is working.”

The Nicotras shared their pride in gifting nearly $830,000 from the
café since 2011 and discussed plans for their next social enterprise
eatery, Pienza Pizza & Pasta, and their intention to double their giving
once that eatery opens in their newest building, Corporate Commons
Three. They shared their philanthropic goal of awarding $1
Million by the end of 2020.

Lois Nicotra congratulated the nonprofit grant recipients on, “the
good they do for Staten Island.” She shared, “We all know how important
social responsibility is, but isn’t it wonderful to realize how
rewarding it is to do good for others, and how many people there
are doing beautiful things for our borough.”