If You Want a Better Workout, Follow These Steps

Everyone is constantly looking for the “best workout.” Unfortunately, the definition of “best” varies wildly from athlete to athlete, making it impossible to choose one specific workout regimen as the best. Still, there are a number of things that every person can use to get an incredible workout. Use these steps to put together the perfect workout for your situation.

1. Decide on your ultimate goal.

Do you want to go pro? Do you want to win some amateur races? Is exercising how you bond with some of your friends? Regardless of the reason, you need to decide what you’re actually working out for. Someone who’s looking to go pro is going to want to ramp up their workouts much more substantially than someone who’s only interested in maintaining a low-key exercise profile for many years. Determining your end goal is the first step to putting together the right workout for you.

2. Put together a workout plan.

A workout plan essentially helps you determine where you’re going to go from here. It gives you a way to determine how intense your workouts will be and how quickly they’ll get more intense. By determining all of that beforehand, you’re able to more easily tell where you should be every month, week, and day. If you just do things day by day, it’s harder to determine how intense your current workout should be.

3. Stock up on supplements and vitamins.

Before you start your workouts, you’re going to want to get your body into a place where it can work out properly! It’s actually a good idea to start taking some of these supplements and changing your diet before you start a workout plan, so new vitamins and minerals have time to influence your body first. Here are some supplements you should get before you start your workouts.

Protein Powder

Whenever you’re building muscle, you’re going to want to have a substantial amount of protein in your diet. Protein powder is one of the easiest ways to do that, especially if you’re a vegan or vegetarian! When you use protein powder, you’re able to pack a lot of protein into a very small shake or smoothie. If you’re not planning on becoming a pro athlete, it’s unlikely that you’ll have to drink a protein shake every day. However, adding some protein one to three times per week, especially as your workouts get more intense, can be extremely helpful.


It’s actually very common for athletes to have anemia, even if they don’t realize it. Low iron can cause fatigue, specifically because it impacts the body’s ability to transport oxygen. With low oxygen transport, it doesn’t matter how well you’re breathing or how high your other mineral levels are. You’re going to feel lethargic, and pushing yourself into your exercise routines could easily lead to injury. When you take iron supplements, take them with a drink rich in vitamin C, such as orange juice, as it helps with absorption.


CBD workout supplements are some of the most underutilized, but they’re incredibly effective. Taking CBD before workout regimens and using CBD oil afterward can both be incredibly helpful for your workouts. CBD tinctures can help you relax before working out and improve recovery if there are any issues while working out. With Charlotte’s Web CBD oil tinctures , you can opt for Full Strength (16.65mg CBD per mL) ,  Extra-Strength (16.65mg CBD per mL) or Original Strength (50mg of CBD per mL). If you’re feeling soreness or temporary muscle pain after your workout, try a CBD tincture to combat that delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). The best CBD oil tinctures for pain should have natural, nourishing ingredients, like the CBD tinctures at Charlotte’s Web.

4. Give yourself grace.

With everything set up, you’re going to feel like it should be easy to just get to your peak performance with absolutely no issues. Of course, it’s not just going to happen like that. When you have a tough workout day, or you don’t quite reach your goal in time, give yourself a little bit of grace. The next day, utilize the supplements you have at hand and rise even higher than you did the day before! Use everything at your disposal to create a really incredible workout routine.