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5 Reasons to Provide Chinese Food in Your Restaurant


Chinese food has, bizarrely, become a favorite American tradition. At almost every part of town, you can find a corner joint that serves sweet and sour chicken, fragrant fried rice, and a box of fortune cookies. These are, of course, the staple dishes in the Americanized version of real Chinese cuisine. Authentic Chinese is far more diverse and complicated, and if you put in the right work, your restaurant can see better revenues by serving real Chinese food. Here are the reasons why.

1.     Chinese food is popular.

There are the Americanized Chinese food stalls serving chicken noodle soup and there are restaurants employing Chinese cuisine chefs straight from China. The ubiquity of Chinese food isn’t surprising because over 1.4 billion people or around one-fifth of the entire world’s population eat Chinese food, and they’re not limited to the borders of China. Not only that, Chinese cooking has been influencing neighboring cuisines for millennia. In other words, there’s no lack of people who want to eat Chinese food.

2.     Chinese food is affordable.

Chinese food costs far less than Italian, Mexican, or French food. And yet, it tastes just as good as dishes from other countries. On average, the cost of a single box of large pizza can buy you around three cups of chicken noodles. And because Chinese food contains a lot of seafood, meat, and vegetables, customers also get bang for their buck in terms of the amount of nutrition they receive. It is also very easy to prepare and the ingredients and cooked dishes can be preserved in a commercial refrigerator, an undercounter refrigeration unit, or a walkin cooler for future use.

3.     Chinese food is delicious.

Chinese food tastes good. This alone is ample reason to serve Chinese dishes at your restaurant. People love to eat good food, whether they are eating alone or celebrating a special occasion with family or friends.

4.     Chinese food goes back for thousands of years.

Long before McDonald’s and Taco Bell were serving regular meals to American customers, the Chinese have been mastering the art of cooking great food for thousands of years. The cuisine doesn’t just stand for the daily customs and practices of ancient Chinese. It also incorporates millennia of research and ancient wisdom into their dishes.

5.     Chinese food is diverse.

Authentic Chinese food is extremely diverse to the point that it takes years for chefs to truly understand and appreciate what it offers. While the Italians have their pizza and pasta, the French have their coq-a-vin and frogs legs, and the Mexicans have their enchiladas and tamales, there is no single dish that defines Chinese cuisine. No, dim sum doesn’t cut it. Neither does peking duck or spring rolls. That’s because Chinese cuisine stems from many separate regions that have each developed their own take on what makes good food. But whether it is from Cantonese, Hokkien, Sichuan, or any of the other provinces, you are bound to attract hungry customers with Chinese food.

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