Fast Ferry comes to Staten Island

On Friday, BP Oddo joined with Mayor de Blasio at Borough Hall to discuss the announcement
that Staten Island will be included in the next round of NYC Ferry service.

The new fast ferry route will run from St. George to Battery Park/Vesey Street for a total of 18 minutes, and then continue for another 17 minutes to Midtown West at Pier 79/West 39th Street. There were numerous potential sites evaluated for this new service, and St. George was decided based on several factors, including location (factoring sufficient parking), frequency, price point, community
impact, and water depth.

BP Oddo has begun working with the MTA to create an express train to run from the South Shore to St. George so that commuters on the South Shore can use the new fast ferry route too. Mayor de Blasio also stated that additional sites on Staten Island will be evaluated in the future for more NYC Ferry