The Hilton Garden Inn and Hampton Inn & Suites get a makeover


In anticipation of a predicted influx of tourists expected to visit Staten Island when Empire Outlets and other North Shore water revitalization projects debut this fall, Richard and Lois Nicotra recently completed a major renovation at their Charleston-based properties.

“All 107 guests rooms at the Hampton Inn & Suites were renovated last month with beautiful new modern designs,” noted Richard Nicotra, who together with his wife, Lois, has owned and operated hotels on the West Shore of Staten Island since 2001. “We ripped out and replaced all of the carpeting and wallpaper, purchased new furniture, artwork and mattresses. The result was a really sleek and lovely design. It was the first phase of our project there; we are now getting ready to add 100 more rooms to the property.”


And while the renovations were carried out with a new stream of visitors in mind, the Nicotras say it was also time to update the hotel, which opened its doors in 2007.

“The guest room of today is much different than it was 10 years ago on every level,” Lois Nicotra said. “Finishes, closet space, types of bed, wallpaper and even color choices have changed. We’ve made all of our rooms much more modern and sleek with lighter colors and design.”

This latest update comes on the heels of a renovation at the Hilton Garden Inn that the hoteliers completed earlier this year.

“We renovated the ballrooms and guest rooms at the Hilton in February,” Nicotra said of the $4 million facelift. “We also replaced all of the wallpaper and carpeting and are now preparing to give our front desk and Lobby Lounge area a complete overhaul.”

According to Nicotra, the Hilton’s new check-in area will have a more modern look and a new grab-and-go food and beverage concept will be built adjacent to the new front desk.

“A lot of our guests have traveled a long distance to get here or are about to leave for home — this new station will be the perfect spot for them to grab a small meal when they arrive or depart,” Nicotra said.

The renovations are just part of the ongoing work at the Corporate Commons Campus: In 2019, the Nicotras will add yet another couple of acres to their portfolio — bringing a new, well-appointed office building, rooftop garden and vineyard to the borough.

“This is one of the biggest projects we’ve ever undertaken,” Nicotra said. “This property will feature another socially responsible restaurant, a vineyard and a 40,000 square-foot organic rooftop farm. It is going to be a great addition to the property and we are truly excited about all of the wonderful details that we are going to include.”

This newest project, called Corporate Commons Three, is being developed on a nine-acre site and will feature an eight-story, 330,000 square-foot LEED certified, Class A office building complete with finishes and amenities that you would expect to find in Manhattan. CetraRuddy, an international award-winning architecture, planning and interior design firm that recently published an extensive white paper on the future of Staten Island, is working on this project for The Nicotra Group.

“We want to continue to create a neighborhood here on South Avenue that has everything tourists and Staten Islanders need,” Nicotra concluded. “We just added two new shuttle buses to our fleet that will take visitors back and forth to Newark Airport and the Ferry and Empire Outlets. Our newest not-for-profit restaurant will hopefully triple our giving. And the new look of our properties and the new amenities we are offering will hopefully keep guests coming back in the future. It’s a very exciting time for Staten Island and we are extremely happy to be a part of it.”

By Jessica Jones Gorman

Freelance Writer at Staten Island Business Trends