Aeropress Coffee and Expresso Maker: The best business/tech gift for less than $30


Getting that special gift for a business person, tech person or tech-business person can be a challenge, especially when your budget is less than $30! Many business/tech people (myself included) consider coffee a necessary daily food group, and everyone likes it made their own special way.

What is it?


The Aeropress Coffee and Expresso Maker is a very low-tech device for making your coffee exactly the way you like it. You don’t need to purchase expensive special coffee pods (you can use as much or as little of your favorite blend) and it can be prepared in less than two minutes.

How it works

First, place a filter at the bottom of the Aeropress tube and then put one tablespoon or more of finely ground coffee into the tube. Place the tube over your coffee cup. Next, heat about a cup of water. You can boil water on the stove or heat a cup in the microwave for about one to one-and-a-half minutes. Hotter water may bring out more taste. When the water is hot enough, just pour it into the top of the tube, use the stirrer to thoroughly mix the coffee-water mixture, then place the plunger in the top of the tube and slowly and firmly press down. Lift the tube off the coffee cup and you’re ready for some great coffee or expresso. Pull the plunger out of the tube, rinse, discard the filter, rinse the tube and you are ready for another cup.

What you need

Everything, including filters, is included in the product box.

Where to get it

Amazon and most home appliance retailers sell the Aeropress. The current price for Aeropress on Amazon is $29.95. Accessories you may want to order include extra paper filters, a reusable metal filter or a carrying pouch.

How hard is it to use?

Just read the directions that come with the unit. You’ll be making great coffee in a few minutes.


Makes great custom-brewed coffee — just the way you like it! Is quick, inexpensive and easy-to-use.


Read the instructions before you use it. The pressing of the plunger takes a bit of effort, and the Aeropress only makes one cup at a time.


If you are a picky coffee lover, this device gives you the opportunity to make it the way you like it anywhere you go. And for less than $30, it is a very affordable and welcomed gift for any coffee-lover.